Does Color Make A Difference?


Harvard professor, Charles Ogletree, has finally spoken the truth to the dilemma facing the world of law enforcement. In a well researched study, he found that it makes no difference as to the race or gender of the police, blacks and browns are less law-abiding than whites and commit more crimes than whites. Black, brown and white police were generally more committed to enforcing the law, even when the perpetrators were their own race. Yes, there are dishonest police, but the percentage is extremely low, and the focus on them works to lessen respect for them all. In my estimation, police do an incredible job, given the fractures, dangers and disdain placed upon them by race-baitors, leftists and police-haters that always seem to rise to the top of the pot.

So let’s look to what could be the determining factors that lead to professor Ogletree’s conclusion.

Many factors are involved with this kind of study:

  1. Homes from which these criminals enter society. Are they two parent homes? Is there criminal activity abided in these homes? Is respect for the law a priority? Is there a moral or religious attitude honored in the home?

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