College prof publishes ‘Ten Cracka Commandments’ for whites in preparation for ‘black spring’


Where’s Cecil B. DeMille when you need him? On second thought, who needs him? He’s white. Besides, the Lehigh University professor behind this latest exercise in self-flagellation in the name of social justice is white, so we’ve reached our quota.

According to Campus Reform, Christopher Driscoll, the visiting professor of religious studies who dreamed up the Cracka Commandments in collaboration with Lehigh theater professor Kashi Johnson, and rapper Asheru, took his inspiration from a hip hop symposium. The purpose of the newest contribution to Scripture was to help white people accommodate the imminent “black spring.”

Driscoll is quoted as saying the first commandment is that all lives “won’t matter until #BlackLivesMatter” which he describes as both “a litmus test and the greatest commandment.”

Here are the ten, unabridged:

1.  Always remember that white privilege is real, even if you do not understand it. Use it to convince other people that black lives, including black women’s lives, matter.

2.  Show up for protests, write letters to representatives, and start discussions with other white people about black lives mattering.

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