Cochran election shenanigans: time for a third party?


by Allen West

Six-term Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran narrowly “won” in a Republican run-off against challenger Chris McDaniel. If there’s one thing the Cochran campaign learned it’s to use the tactics of the liberal progressives against their own constitutional conservative grassroots. The circular firing squad is in full flower — and the bullets are coming from the GOP establishment.

According to Human Events, Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel won the Republican vote in the Republican runoff election on Tuesday night, but it didn’t matter, because incumbent Senator Thad Cochran was able to persuade a legion of Democrats — some 35,000– to support him under the “open” rules of the race, in which any Democrat who didn’t vote in the regular primary was free to cross over and meddle in the GOP runoff.

I find it unconscionable that a Republican Senator would purposefully use this scheme to further his political career. There is nothing for Senator Cochran to celebrate.

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