CNN jumps the shark, declares that global warming IS terrorism, not just a cause


Global warming is no longer a cause of terrorism, it is terrorism, according to a CNN opinion columnist.

“Signs of warming abound: 2015 promises to be the hottest year on record; a heat wave in India killed 2,300 people this summer; air pollution is killing far more people all the time; floods in the United States likely have been made worse by higher-than-normal tides; there’s evidence that a drought in Syria helped create conditions that led to the rise of ISIS,” writes John Sutter for CNN’s “Two Degrees” series on global warming.

“We humans, however, are excellent at ignoring long-term global problems — like climate change. We focus on what’s right in front of us,” Sutter wrote from France, where world leaders are meeting to negotiate a global agreement to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

“The recent terror attacks are tragic, and many lives will never be the same because of them. They should not be minimized,” Sutter wrote. “But climate change is another form of terror — and it’s one we’re wreaking on ourselves.”

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