Clear as Mud: The War Against ISIS / ISIL


by Steve Deace

The don’t-call-it-a-war against ISIS/ISIL is now underway, and for the sake of our men and women in uniform let’s hope we’re getting the bugs out early. Because the early headlines don’t exactly inspire confidence.

Here’s video of White House Spokesman Josh Earnest unable to define victory. “I didn’t bring my Webster’s Dictionary” he flippantly says when asked what victory over ISIS/ISIL looks like.

Here’s President Obama admitting we “underestimated” the threat, as well as his contradictory Syria policy. Basically, Obama is now arming the very people he wanted us to fight in Syria a year ago. For example, the Associated Press says we’re now helping Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, who is accused of war crimes and who the American people were told we had to topple last fall.

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