Civil Rights Leaders Quiet on Racial School Bus Beating


A couple weeks ago a video went viral around the Internet and was picked up by media across the country. The video depicted three African-American teenagers all age 15, beating up a white boy. The beating was in response to the white child telling school officials that one of the teenagers doing the beating tried to sell him drugs.

This is such an unfortunate situation for all the parties involved, and really highlights an unfortunate double standard in society that exists. We saw the race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson speak out about the Trayvon Martin case, where are they now? These are civil rights leaders who should support equality and fair treatment no matter what race, gender, or religion a particular person is. Instead for the most part the mainstream media and other powerful civil rights leaders remained speechless for the most part.

Why aren’t people like Stevie Wonder who is currently boycotting performing in Florida due to the stand your ground gun laws and the Zimmerman verdict, speaking out against the three African American assailants. I guarantee 100 percent if those 3 assailants were white Jackson, Sharpton, and Wonder would all be “tooting the horn”.

These leaders and influential figures are not helping heal the wounds left behind from years of African American mistreat and recent cases like the Zimmerman trail. Sharpton and Jackson use race as a way to pit people against one another in order to stay relevant and influential. They make a living off being a race mongrel. People like Allen West have spoken out against the beating, and justifiably so. These types of crimes and race baiting from leaders do NOT help bring communities together and unite the country. Pitting groups of people together will never solve the “race” problem we have in this country, because by doing so we cannot even have a civil debate about the issues then. If both sides are already “against” each other, passion will overshadow reason and nothing will get done.

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