Christmas: True Hope and Salvation


by Osei Dixon

Five years ago, the American people voted for “hope and change.”

They wanted something new and different from the preceding years of George W. Bush. They were afraid for the country after 7 years of war and the economic crash of 2008.

So Americans voted for hope.

What did America get in exchange for their votes?

The nation is in the sixth year of a seemingly perpetual economic malaise. Despite the promises that the stimulus would jump-start the economy, anything but has happened. People have dropped out of the labor force month after month and wages have declined substantially.

Few can say their lives have improved substantially since 2008.

The United States is no more respected in the world than it was when President Bush left office. Indeed, every indication is that it is less respected than at any time in the preceding century.

In a world that respects strength, the nation has shown only weakness abroad, with constant apologies and willingness to appease irrational actors. Friends such as Israel and Poland have learned that they can no longer trust the U.S. to help them when they need it most.

Now, a law that purports to give people a secure future of healthcare is slowly destroying the best healthcare system in the world. Millions are being dropped from their plans and are now required to buy new policies that contain unnecessary coverage and spikes their monthly expenses substantially. Many can’t comply with the law simply because the website doesn’t work.

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