This Christmas in ObamAmerica All are Punished


by Jeannie DeAngelis

On Christmas Eve my husband called me from the road and said, “Honey, quick, turn on the news.”

Breathlessly, my husband continued on saying, ”I was driving and suddenly traffic came to a dead halt and 10 ambulances and a line of police cars went racing toward the mall. It’s definitely not something small. I bet someone was shot.”

Those words didn’t surprise me at all and the only thing I could think of was ‘Thank God no one I know is in the mall!’

It was just a couple of weeks back that 30-year-old New Jersey lawyer, Dustin Friedman, was shot in the head and killed while Christmas shopping in The Mall at Short Hills with his bride Jamie. You know how it goes – newlyweds holding hands, window shopping, admiring the Christmas decorations and sharing a warm soft pretzel and then, when you least expect it, a brief violent confrontation and a man is shot dead.

Dustin died on the cold cement floor of a parking garage. Why? Because four hooligans felt like they deserved the silver 2012 Range Rover more then the man who worked to earn it.

Let’s face it: parts of America have been ‘fundamentally transformed‘ into a lawless state of class warfare. We’re a people suffering from politically-imposed racial unrest, selfishness and envy run amok, as well as a shameless sense of entitlement.

In order to secure the political future of the Democrat party, our president and his merry band of enablers have convinced 50% of the US population that they have been treated unfairly and are therefore entitled to whatever they can get, however they can get it.

Compounding that problem is the mentality of some individuals who believe, based on personal needs, they have the right to choose who lives and who dies. Obviously those four New Jersey men bought the pro-choice lie and put their desire for a Silver Range Rover before the sanctity of Dustin Friedman’s life.

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