Christians Will Soon Be the Pariah to Eradicate


The move of the US and the world is heavily toward ‘internationalism’ and submission to UN-new age and Muslim standards. We have watched Obama lecture the world, and Americans, justifying his illegal and UN Constitutional activities over and over. Remember how Obama marched around Congress, breaching the 1973 War Powers act and throwing us into an illegal and stupid war in Libya. He made sure Gaddafi was conveniently assassinated while arms shipments to Muslim terrorist rebels in Syria was covered up. We were told to bow down to the UN and international demands first not our laws, Congress or reasoning.

The lifeblood of the Obama administration is to attack Christians, parental rights, families and God Himself. Obama and Hillary have been extremely supportive of ‘The Rights of the Child” convention at the U.N. As usual, on the surface everything sounds so good and reasonable. What is wrong with protecting children from predators around the world and preserving rights? That has been the dressing that Obama and Hillary hide behind for years. It is the farthest thing from the truth.

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