Christians Being Ritually Murdered in Muslim Slaughterhouses


by Onan Coca

A word of warning before we begin. This article contains some pretty disturbing information about what Muslim fascists are doing to non-Muslims (especially Christians) in the Islamic world. The article also contains links to other articles where you will find equally disturbing information and horrific videos detailing what mainstream Islam is doing to Christians all over the world.

Walid Shoebat is a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Palestinian Liberation Organization who converted to Christianity, and has since uncovered for the world the brutality of Islam. He and his son Theodore Shoebat have done incredible work bringing to light the evil and violence being committed by Islam against Christians and other non-Muslims all over the Islamic world. Not long ago they released video that uncovered ritual human sacrifice being committed in by Islamic militants in the war torn country of Syria.

Now, he and his son have found even more disturbing evidence of the evil of fascist Islam.

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