What if it Were Christians Murdering Muslims?


by Carly Hill

I read an opinion piece from National Review that called attention to the fact that the media is neglecting to bring to light the very obvious war that is happening in the world. Islamic extremists, as we’re seeing in the Kenya hostage situation right now, are attempting to threaten non-Muslims and Christians into submission and/or to eliminate them.

During the Holocaust, an evil genocide was happening – but there were clear victims and a clear enemy to fight. The jihad, or “Holy War” that these terrorists are waging in the name of their god “Allah” are invisible. Anonymous shooters and suicide bombers are attacking innocent civilians in what should be safe places – on our home turf and abroad.

In raw footage of victims escaping the mall in Kenya, you can hear them reporting that the shooters were asking if the hostages were Muslim – then quizzing them on facts like Muhammed’s mother’s name and letting them go if they gave the right answers. Anyone who wasn’t Muslim was shot or held captive. This is a war, folks. It’s not a war our grandparents fought. It’s a war that is seemingly impossible to retaliate against because the enemy is like a puff of smoke – striking America when she has her back turned.

The troubling thing about this is how the media downplays the issue. When we look back at the Holocaust – the genocide situation that always comes to my mind first, we can point out – okay – Hitler, with the support of the Nazis, was attacking Jews. I don’t understand why the media and the President can’t just come out and say what’s really happening. Extremist Muslims are on a mission to kill the infidel – primarily Christians.

I am very aware that the majority of Muslims are non-violent and that the media is staying hushed for fear of offending such a large people group. But, I don’t see what’s offensive about the truth that’s happening in our shopping malls – right under our noses.

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