Christianity Without Christ?


A Christian music network of radio stations is challenging Christians to make a difference. They encourage Christians to pay for the food for the car behind them at the drive-through of fast food restaurants. They announce their goal is to brighten someone’s day.  Nowhere in this daring plan – at least as told on the radio – is there any attempt to tell anyone about Jesus. (A handout at the website only advertises the radio station.) Should we put a smile on people’s faces to ease their ride on the fast lane to hell?

If we asked the people running this Christian music radio network why they don’t tell people about Jesus, they wouldn’t understand. To them, making someone smile is Jesus. That’s the only Jesus they know. They also had a pledge drive to help save Detroit. Through evangelism? No, of course not. They were very excited about building an “Imaginarium Creative Center” for Detroit youth to hang out after school and discover creative arts. Sure, that kind of thinking will save Detroit.

Most of the so-called “Christianity” in our world today is Christianity without Christ. It is not Christianity at all. The Apostle Paul warned of those “5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.” (2 Timothy 3).

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