Christianity and Morality under Assault in Houston


It’s hard to get most Americans to agree on most anything and while that’s part of what makes us the great nation we are – there is an evil before us which all parents and citizens of Houston should unite against.  We are urging Houstonians of every flavor to vote against Mayor Parker’s ordinance in the November 3rd city elections, because it would force our wives and daughters to share women’s restrooms, girls dressing rooms and locker-rooms and showers with men.

That sounds crazy and it is.

And speaking of crazy – wait until the left sees the new ad by The “Campaign for Houston” BELOW – exclusively and for the first time seen on – it is spot on and is sure to make the heads of the left EXPLODE: [WATCH]

The ordinance, Proposition 1, has been writtten and purposefully built on a foundation of deception to make Houston voters believe they are voting to discourage discrimination – but it is nothing more than the leftists, led by Mayor Parker, attempting to allow men on any given day – to have access to the most private areas where your daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends, or mothers could be dangerously vulnerable.

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