Christian Photographers Under Fire for Refusing to Shoot a Gay Wedding


I can’t tell you how many negative and patronizing comments I’ve gotten on articles in which I discussed how the legalization of gay marriage would affect religious freedom. Here’s some more proof to back up my point…

A Christian wedding photography business run by Elaine Huguenin and her husband is under fire for refusing to shoot a gay wedding, because of their Christian faith. The New Mexico Supreme Court says that their actions are “discriminatory” and have decided to take this fight even higher – possibly landing it in federal court.

Call me…old fashioned? But, I think this is completely insane. This is a despicable attack on THE main freedom that our country was founded on – freedom of religion. The government – state or federal – has absolutely no legal right to dictate how a private, religious company does business!

Christianity is a religion that is all about love. Christians adhere to a Biblical code of morality because they believe that the Bible is God-breathed and that loving Christ is loving His word and seeking to please and obey Him. It is not “discriminatory” to view a certain lifestyle as sin. And dude – even if the issue wasn’t homosexuality – any private business has the right to refuse services to anyone they want based on…anything! That’s the beauty of private companies!

Herein lies the whole problem with the legalization of gay marriage. Just because liberal-minded politicians and liberal-minded citizens who do not subscribe to the Bible have decided that being gay is a God-given right, anyone who believes the word of God laid out in the Bible is accused of discrimination!

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