Christian High School Student Forced To Attend ‘Gay’ Club


A high school in West Virginia is involved in a controversial incident after forcing a Christian student to attend an LGBT club and then punishing him for mildly expressing his opinion. In the past week, a group of homosexual students at Buckhannon-Upshur High School created an LGBT club to transform the school’s environment with an agenda to make it more accepting of homosexuality. Because they were unable to find a teacher who was available to lead their club, they decided to combine their meetings with a “kindness club,” which also has Christian members. Because the “kindness club” was the only club that the overwhelming majority of students in the classroom were affiliated with, they could not leave, or they would be written up for skipping.

One Christian student was displeased with being forced to attend the gay club meeting, and posted a 3 second video on an app called Snapchat with the caption, “Our school has a ‘gay’ club.”  It should be noted that the name of this club is the “Gay Straight Alliance.”

A screenshot of the video was taken by one of the students in the club and quickly shown to the teacher in charge of the LGBT group.

The bell rang, and the Christian student left. The teacher then called his next period and stated that she wanted to speak with him in her room. He went to her room and she began accusing him of bullying, being discriminatory, mean, judgmental, and unkind… so unkind that he needed to get transferred out of the kindness club, because of his religious beliefs.

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