Christian College President Defends “Social Justice” Program


Here is the Christian university president’s response to my letter admonishing the school for it’s promotion of “Social Justice.” He insists that he’s teaching “Biblical Social Justice” not “Marxist Social Justice.”

Dr. “X” writes to me:

“Why would you write this? (referring to my article here) WE DO NOT TEACH MARXISM. WE TEACH THE OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS AND THE MINISTRY OF JESUS IN THE GOSPELS AS THE BASIS FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE. You should be championing what we are doing because we are stealing kids from these other programs and educating them in the Bible. I don’t know how to say it any clearer. We teach people to earn a living, to grow their own food, to help their neighbor, to liberate people from human trafficking, to aid towns in getting clean water, to set up medical clinics to help the needy, to love their neighbor. There is zero Marxist/communist philosophy in the program, zero redistribution of wealth, zero big government meeting human need, and 100% Jesus. How can you be opposed to this?
Please take a deep breath and recognize that you are shooting at the people who believe as you do.

I responded to him:

“Sorry for all the trouble. I’m really not a trouble maker, just a passionate, beginner activist. I will follow up my article with your explanation, using no names. I just don’t understand why you would use this term. You are “tricking” people into the program and then teaching them the right way to care for the poor?

The term “social justice” is a buzzword for the left. It would be like me saying I’m teaching a course on “communism” and then when the people get to my class I say, “communism” means we are having communion and taking the Last Supper with Christ?!

The word “justice” alone, infers that there is some “injustice” in being poor. Jesus said we will always have the poor with us.

You’re saying that your meaning of “social justice” is different than everyone in the culture’s meaning?”

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