Christian Business Owners Under Attack


In recent years the climate for Christian business owners has become much more hostile, especially when it comes to interacting with homosexual couples looking to get married. Our government, our courts and society in general are making it increasingly clear that Christian business owners are not desired in certain communities. Here are just a few examples:

New Mexico’s Supreme Court tells Christian Photographer she “CANNOT” refuse to photograph gay marriage ceremonies.

In Colorado, a Christian baker is being sued for declining to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple’s marriage ceremony.

The state of Washington is suing a Christian florist for refusing to provide wedding flowers for the wedding ceremony of a gay couple.

In Oregon, we find the latest example of the attack on Christians. A small family owned bakery has been forced to shutter its doors because of the financial and emotional damage done to them by gay-marriage activists. Aaron and Melissa Klein were the owners and operators of Sweet Cakes by Melissa. Over the last few months they have faced almost constant harassment because of their decision to not bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple’s wedding ceremony.

The harassment was not isolated to the Kleins but was also directed at their vendors who provided the resources for the Kleins to be in business. The blowback was such that most of their vendors would no longer do business with them, which meant that the Kleins could not successfully operate their bakery. The harassment began after the lesbian couple filed a complaint with the state in which they accused the Klein’s of discrimination.

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