Chris Beck: Navy SEAL to Navy ‘She’AL


It’s not exactly G.I. Jane, 1997′s implausible film about a female sailor who prevails to become part of the elite, Navy SEALs — but it could be considered a convoluted, real-life variant on the movie.

“Kristin” (formerly Chris) Beck served 20 years as a “Sea, Air and Land” special forces operator before, upon retirement from the fleet, coming out as homosexual and dressing like a woman. Presently undergoing hormone therapy in preparation for “sexual reassignment surgery”, Beck now generally affects long hair, make-up and women’s clothing. He recounts his unusual journey in the just released Warrior Princess.

Gazing at photos of the once bearded super-soldier, now ridiculously attired in a black wig, fake breasts and feminine couture, my heart ached for him; honestly, it did – a man who once spent himself so self-sacrificially standing sentry over my freedoms, now clownishly simulating something he never, authentically, can become, no matter how much estrogen is administered and how much carving-up he endures: a female.

How does one pass two decades of life as a globe-trotting, alpha-male tough guy, functioning, by all accounts commendably, in the testosterone-drenched company of combatants — and then throw a switch, pledging to play distaff dress-up the rest of his days?

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