China Takes Intense Stance Against LGBT – Where are the Boycotts?


Why is it that Islamic countries, China, and a host of other countries can “come out” (pun intended) against LGBT and no one screams for boycotts and bans, destroys their plans for allowing business there, etc.?

Has anybody asked for a ban of Chinese imports, or even visiting China? Consider the recent outcry for states not allowing transgender people to choose what bathroom they want to use, and you have to question the motives of the LGBT in light of this article about China’s crackdown on gays.

The Chinese government has banned all depictions of gay people on television, as part of a cultural crackdown on “vulgar, immoral and unhealthy content”.

But it doesn’t stop there, as China is attacking Liberalism in general!

Chinese censors have released new regulations for content that “exaggerates the dark side of society” and now deem homosexuality, extramarital affairs, one night stands and underage relationships as illegal on screen.

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