Child’s School Lesson Plan on Islam Concerns Parent


A Utah parent has contacted us about the “teaching plan” his fourth-grade son brought home from school this past week.

Wednesday, January 4, was the first day his children returned to school, after their Christmas break. That evening, his son handed him the weekly lesson plan, and the father was concerned to see that his child had been introduced to Islam that very afternoon, with no advance notice. 

The history lesson for Wednesday was titled, “Spread of Islam: Introduction to Islam.”

Adding to his concern, the father noticed that more Islamic instruction would be given the next day, in a lesson titled, “Story of Muhammad.”

The father, who does not wish his name to be used, sent an email to his son’s teacher asking, “Can you please provide me with the lesson plan/material that was presented yesterday on Islam and what is on the schedule for Mohammad.  Also, other religions that will be taught also.  I would great appreciate that.”

The teacher responded:

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