Chicago Hindenburg Academy: Accepting New Pilots


by Luke Hamilton

Last Friday, Representative Jared Polis, a progressive Congressman from Colorado, suggested that to fix the mess created by Obamacare’s implementation, we need to accept amnesty for illegal immigrants. He favors the passage of House Resolution 15, which would provide a roadmap to citizenship for most immigrants who are here illegally. “If we can pass H.R. 15, people who are here illegally will have to get insurance on their own instead of forcing Americans to pay for their insurance,” said Mr. Polis.

In other words, the key to fixing the mess caused by this progressive disaster is more progressive reformation. We just need to get more people under this system so that this system will start working. Apparently, the problem with the website and hotline is that there is not enough traffic; so that increasing the number of people trying to enroll will decrease the wait-time. Who knew? In all seriousness, only a slavish ideologue would call for more of what caused the problem in the first place. It’s the same caliber of cerebral fortitude demonstrated by the Vice President’s famous affirmation that we must spend our way out of debt.

Putting aside the galactic amount of illogical chutzpah Representative Polis exhibits, his words underscore an important truth. The Democratic Spin-Machine will find a way to capitalize on this debacle. With the exception of Nancy Pelosi, they seem to be moving past the denial phase and are already looking for a way to spin this to their advantage. Among the ideas I imagine being tossed around the Obama War Room right now are Blame Bush, Healthcare is Racist, Website Designers Were Overly-Concussed Former NFL Players, It’s All the Fault of Bush & Cheney, Sinister Plot Hatched by the Koch Brothers and Matt Kibbe and The NRA.

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