Chevrolet, Homosexuals, Bailout = Payback Not Acceptance


by Joe Wurzelbacher

Image via Chatchai Somwat /

America: Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and.. Chevrolet? I wonder, does that include gay marriage, gay and lesbian families and gay teens now? Because during the Olympics the other night, the answer from newly bailed-out GM – compliments of newly evolved on the issue Barack Obama: You betcha!

Chevrolet aired the first part of a series of ads during the games which featured families with same-sex couples, gays marrying in Cape Cod and a gay teen scientist by name of Jack Andraka.

Did the big GM bailout / slushfund / union payout / kickback to re-elect Obama have anything to do with them showcasing to the world how something as American as Chevrolet believes gay marriage is as mainstream and beautiful as any marriage?

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