Change: Scientific Data and Testimonies ‘Gay’ Activists Won’t Tell You About


Here is compiled data from a variety of sources including pro-homosexual and independent scientific sources that show that “LGBT” is a fictitious socio-political identity, and information leading into where we are today….addressing the claim that change therapy doesn’t work and/or is harmful.

We are told there are “heterosexuals” and “homosexuals,” as if two different attractions create two different species of the human race. But where did these terms come from?  In late 1860s Germany, a travel writer and memoir writer who had associations and friendships with pederasts (adult men who are attracted to post-pubescent teen males) by the name of Karl Kertbeny invented these terms…

And the 1860s Austrian/German travel writer WITH NO PROFESSIONAL THEOLOGICAL OR SCIENTIFIC BACKGROUND who coined the terms “heterosexual” and “homosexual” may not have just been a “heterosexual” sympathizer…

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