A Chance Encounter With Guns and Aussies Leads to Life Changing Lesson on Liberty


by Jan Morgan

When a couple of Australians come to America on vacation, looking for adventure, they find it in an indoor gun range and leave with a new outlook on life and the true meaning of liberty.

Tony is a physicist and his daughter, Abby, is a chef. They knew one of the things they absolutely had to experience while in America, was shooting.

Their goal was to get some firearms training and hopefully try to understand why Americans had such an obsession with guns.

Of course, Tony and Abby thought this was just a chance encounter… that they walked in to a range and were getting firearms training from a “gun chick”…. 🙂 🙂 LOL..

They had no idea they were now in the hands of one of the most passionate, uncompromising, 2nd Amendment advocates in America who is adamantly opposed to background checks, registration, as well as any and all forms of restrictions/laws regarding gun ownership which are forms of INFRINGEMENT in violation of the 2nd Amendment.

In Tony’s words, Americans were simply a bunch of fanatics when it came to guns and gun rights… He had no idea why 90 million people in this country would want over 300 million guns.

Fortunately for Tony and Abby, I happened to be running the range in Hot Springs the day they walked in the door asking for “training”.

As they explained their situation in Australia, I learned that it is even worse there than I realized.
I knew law abiding citizens in Australia were not allowed to own guns. I did not know that they also could not own air soft guns or pellet guns.

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