Are Celebrities to Blame for America’s Drug Problem?


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The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently published an extensive survey that looked at how Americans spend their time. A graphic clarified the data and found that on average, Americans spend just over two hours per day watching television or movies, but only 13 minutes per day relaxing or thinking.

Another alarming statistic is related to our country’s expenditures on illegal drugs. Annually, the United States spends $300 billion on illicit substances. When evaluating the reasons behind America’s alarming dependence on drugs, some analysts say celebrities, including the ones commonly seen on TV or in movies, are partially to blame. Keep reading to learn more about what has caused some to draw this conclusion.

Celebrities Gravitate Towards Drugs to Relieve Stress

Heath Ledger, Cory Monteith and Amy Winehouse are just a few of the celebrities that have unfortunately succumbed to drug use over the past few years. It’s already known that some people feel compelled to use drugs to relieve stress. Since celebrities are constantly under scrutiny from everyday people, media and peers, it’s not hard to imagine why some feel tempted to see if drugs could provide much-needed relief from the pressure.

Illegal Substances Become a Way of Life

Unfortunately, just like their other activities of a daily routine, celebrities’ drug usage rarely stays under wraps for very long. Celebrity gossip sites like TMZ often post pictures submitted by paparazzi of famous people partaking in substances while at parties or other public events.

Recently, former-teen-star-turned-bad-girl Miley Cyrus toyed with onlookers by lighting up a joint of marijuana when she went on stage to accept an award at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Later, Cyrus claimed she did it out of humor, likely not thinking about negatively influencing young people who look up to her as a role model.

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