The CBO Scores the GOP Healthcare Bill and all Hell Breaks Loose


The CBO has finished their analysis of the new House GOP Healthcare bill and has delivered a crushing blow to the GOP’s hopes of getting it passed quickly and easily. Granted, this was never going to be an easy sell, as conservative Republicans and moderate RINO’s have very different views of how healthcare should work, but at least there was a chance that the differences could be ironed out. Now, those hopes are dashed.

While the CBO says that the new bill will reduce the deficit by $337 BILLION, it also expects some 24 million people to lose their health insurance by 2026.

As expected, the Republicans are arguing that the numbers are wrong, and the Democrats are arguing that this is proof that the GOP’s bill is bad for the nation.

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) jumped out in front of the media Monday afternoon to decry the GOP and their healthcare bill.

Now, the Republican, hand-picked, head of CBO has confirmed what we Democrats have been saying all along. Trumpcare would be a nightmare for the American people.

Causing tens of millions to lose coverage and millions more seeing the costs of their health care going up. Ten years from today, if President Trump and the Republicans have their way, there would be 24 million more Americans without health insurance, a total of 58 million Americans living in this country ten years from now will not have health coverage. 

That’s unamerican. That’s wrong. 

Premiums for seniors will rise a whopping 20% to 25%, and copayments and deductibles for millions more. If there was ever a war on seniors, this bill, Trumpcare, is it. The bill spends almost twice as much on tax cuts for the wealthy compared to tax credits to help older middle-class Americans afford health insurance. The rich get $592 billion in tax cuts for the richest. Compared to only $361 billion for the middle class and the working class to afford health care. So when Speaker Ryan says it’s an act of mercy, yeah, for those people who make over $250,000 a year because they get big tax cuts.

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