Cautionary tale gun owners can take from Jameis Winston


In case you aren’t that into sports allow me to rehash the tale of Jameis Winston. Winston is currently the quarterback for the FSU Seminoles, the #1 college football team in America and the presumptive Heisman Trophy winner.

All that might have gone sideways if a recent case of “he said/she said” played out differently.

One need look only to North Carolina where convicted murderer Crystal Mangum falsely accused the Duke Lacrosse team of sexual assault. Without evidence, without corraboration and without anything more than the sensationalized media frenzy exploiting the lie of “priviledged white students rape black stripper” 3 Duke students nearly had their lives ruined by a corrupt Prosecutor looking to make a name for himself.

Fortunately for Winston he had a few things in his favor. The prosecutor actually took the time to investigate, he had corraborating witnesses to his innocence and he was black while his accuser was white.

Now, the last one shouldn’t matter and it doesn’t to me, but for the media, they are hesitant to unjustly crucify someone who isn’t white lest they be called racist. It’s the reason during the George Zimmerman trial he was referred to as a “White hispanic”.

So Winston didn’t have the media coming at him with pitchforks and torches and as for his accuser, Erica Kinsman, she turned out to be a liar.

Now, before anyone gets all outraged that I named Winston’s accuser let me remind you that is what she is…his ACCUSER. She is not a victim and the fact that she tried to destroy the man’s life with a false claim because he wouldn’t leave his girlfriend for her should not grant her any special treatment.

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