Carry Travelogue – Reno trip, Nevada CCW changes, Open Carry – Part 1


by Eric Vought

I was recently invited to speak at the annual conference of the International Association of Emergency Managers in Reno, Nevada and we decided to take a bit of much-needed vacation at the same time; our daughter and I had never seen the Rockies, so taking some time to see Kansas, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada was worthwhile. Along the way, we dealt with the usual issues of carry across state lines, made more complicated by last-minute changes in Nevada policy. Here I detail some of those issues in the context of our road trip from Missouri.

My wife and I both have Missouri concealed carry permits and are officers in the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Auxiliary. Part of the reason for our organizations’ existence is to disburse trained and equipped volunteers in the community to respond to no-notice incidents. Our Sheriff encourages us to carry, not just firearms but basic means for first-aid and communications, at all times where it is permissible to do so— a philosophy which many sheep-dog-mentality (“On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs”, from the book, On Combat, by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman) gun owners share. We take this duty seriously. At least one of us is armed, carrying a basic first aid kit and CPR barrier, and a radio almost every minute of every day. We have Go-Bags and more extensive emergency supplies in our vehicle.

When we began planning this trip, things looked straight-forward: Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Kansas all honored our Missouri CCWs. Kansas, Colorado, and Utah are all Castle-Doctrine states with laws similar to Missouri, so it did not appear that much research would be required before carrying there. Nevada is not a Castle-Doctrine state (some discussion here). It has fairly clear and reasonable legal protection for self-defense but one may still be charged or sued even if one eventually wins the case. All of the states involved allow carry in a vehicle (visible, concealed, on the person or otherwise) to those with a recognized permit. The conference facility also seemed to have no policy prohibiting concealed carry.

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