How to Capture Creativity: Reward It With Equity (If Any)


by Gary North

My friend Murray Rothbard was a great economist. He did not do it for money. He did his greatest work when he was a teacher at a school that did not pay him well, and which offered no economics major: Brooklyn Polytechnic. It put food on his table. He created a movement in his spare time. His disciples were not paying students.

The same was true of Rothbard’s mentor, Ludwig von Mises. He was an unpaid “visiting” professor at New York University. Donors raised all of his salary. Mises was not in it for the money. He taught Rothbard, who was not a paying student. Rothbard sat in Mises’ graduate seminar as an auditor. Mises had taught a generation of disciples this way, in the 1920′s, in an unpaid seminar in Vienna. He did it in his spare time.

For things that matter most, a large salary is rarely the motivating factor. The sense of accomplishment is.

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