Can’t Make This Stuff Up: You Won’t Believe Who Hillary Picked To Do Her Biopic


There are a bajillion and one professional film and documentary makers who would give their eye teeth for a chance to do the bio video for Hillary Clinton, aka the first woman ever to receive a major party nomination for the presidency. So who did Team Clinton select to make its biopic? Shonda Rhimes. And what is Shonda Rhimes’s claim to fame? She is the creator of the TV show “Scandal”!

Even The New York Times, which is far inside the bag for Clinton, couldn’t resist commenting on this irony:

Rhimes, who created the ABC drama about a Washington fixer caught up in a steamy web of sex and betrayal, … made the five-minute video that … [was]shown on the final night of the Democratic National Convention, according to a person with direct knowledge of the convention planning who would only discuss the video on the condition of anonymity.

The video, narrated by Morgan Freeman, follows. As you probably guessed, Rhimes excludes the “steamy web of sex and betrayal” that Mrs. Clinton witnessed in her marriage and the numerous scandals Hillary Clinton has been involved in directly, both as First Lady of Arkansas and more recently as secretary of state.

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