Candidate Warned Brussels in January, NY Times Made Fun


MSNBC pundit says the Brussels bombing is because it’s so easy to get guns. Hmmm? Last I checked, bombs aren’t guns.

In January this year, ‪Brussels‬, Belgium convinces people it’s safe to visit with ‪#‎CallBrussels‬ campaign. You can’t ignore ‪terrorism‬! If you’re seeing crime increase right after you’ve had a massive influx of new people (refugees), don’t you think it might be related?

Flashback to January 2016, Donald Trump warned Brussels about the influx of Muslim refugees who were failing to assimilate. The New York Times made fun of him.

50-year-old teacher tells student he is on her bucket list. He wasn’t the only one. Pedophiles get up to 50 years in Pennsylvania!

Christian high school counselor dons hijab to support her Muslim students. Maybe she should do a little more research on what that really means before standing in solidarity with a symbol of oppression!

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