Cancer Patient Who Lost Insurance Now Being Audited by IRS


by Onan Coca

In what is either the worst coincidence in the history of mankind, or more likely a disgusting display of government corruption and malice – a man with cancer who was forced off of his insurance by Obamacare, and then had the gall to tell the world about it, is being investigated by the IRS.

But wait! It gets worse! (I know… that doesn’t seem possible… but hold on.)

When the dying man’s story became known, an insurance broker stepped in to help him. The broker intervened and convinced the insurance company to keep the man on because of his preexisting condition. Life saved.

Now both the insurance broker and the man whose life he saved are being audited by the IRS!

You can’t make this stuff up folks, because people wouldn’t believe it.

The man with cancer is a guy by the name of Bill Elliot, and when he learned that Obamacare was forcing him off of his coverage, he told the world. He also considered just paying the fine for not signing up with Obamacare, and allowing “nature take its course.”

Megan Kelly and Fox News gave Mr. Elliot the chance to tell his story after he learned his insurance wouldn’t carry him anymore. Millions of Americans learned about Mr. Elliot’s sad case and the plight of millions of other people like him who were losing their insurance because of the horrible legislation that was Obamacare.

C. Steven Tucker, an insurance broker, just happened to be watching Fox News that day and got in contact with Mr. Elliot as soon as he could. Soon he had convinced Mr. Elliot’s insurance company to keep him on because of his preexisting condition. Tucker had saved Bill Elliot’s life, even as the Obama administration had almost ended it.

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