Can You Trust the Media? Journalist Says No…


Can we trust our media today?

“Back in the day” the answer to that would have been a resounding YES.  But today, even the headlines are misleading.  Rarely do they indicate exactly the meaning and context of the article.  There are even some headlines that do not relate directly to the story with them, or, maybe, it has been removed(???).

One such headline today referred to a Trump rally that headlined “….no time for….. anthem…..”.  I tried three or four different news releases, and not a one had the story, but they all had the headline, which of course attracts readers. The headline could certainly be interpreted to appear that Mr. Trump did not want an anthem. And that wasn’t the case at all.

I am a freelance writer, not a professional Journalist with the News Media.  But I am still embarrassed by the tactics of my fellow writers. And I am angry with the manipulations.  Of course we all know it is just to attract readers.

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