How Can Someone So Pretty be So Stupid and Ignorant?


I don’t know who Leighton Meester is. She’s an actress of some notoriety. It’s OK to be an actress. It’s OK for actors and actresses to express their opinions. What’s not OK is to be an ignorant actor or actress and express ignorant and stupid opinions.

I don’t use the word stupid very much. My wife and I rarely if ever used it around our two sons. The same is true of our grandchildren. If I ever use the word, it’s needed. If I used it all the time, as many people do, it loses its effectiveness.

The same is true of expletives. Sometimes a well-timed and well-placed expletive in a film is understandable, but to use them dozens of times dilutes any impact it might have.

So, what did Leighton Meester say that was so stupid?

If she could change any one event in all of world history — including possibly going back in time to thwart genocidal dictators — . . . Leighton Meester would choose to ensure Donald Trump lost the 2016 presidential election. (Breitbart)

I get it. She doesn’t like Donald Trump being President. I’m OK with that. “Like, if I could snap my fingers? Trump would not be elected. That’s all,” Meester told the folks at “Yahoo! Style” in an interview.

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