Can Liberals Really Be This Stupid?


I have grown accustomed to the fact that liberals believe they can somehow change human nature and create a utopian world or, at least, a world that fits their definition of utopia. Although I still find it disturbing, I no longer find it surprising that liberals base their opinions and actions on emotionalism rather than logic or reason. A steadfast refusal to let facts get in the way of their presuppositions seems to be in the DNA of liberals, yet they think they are brighter than anyone else. For example, recall when Jonathan Gruber, the puffed up academic from MIT, talked condescendingly about the stupidity of the America public. Frankly, if he had limited his denunciation to just liberals, I might have agreed with him.

Before going any farther down this road, a caveat is in order. If you are put off by my use of the word “stupid” in the title of this column, understand that I spent a good deal of time trying to come up with a softer descriptor. For example, I tried the word “ignorant,” but it did not work because ignorance is just a lack of knowledge that can be cured through reading, listening to those who are more informed on the subject in question, discussing, debating, and keeping an open mind. Since liberals are steadfastly opposed to reading, listening, discussing, and debating with an open mind, “ignorance” failed the test of applicability. So did “illogical,” “unreasonable,” “fact-averse,” and “uninformed.” Finally, I settled on the word “stupid” because it conveys just the right meaning: a determination to continue doing the wrong things even when you know they are wrong simply because you want them to be right. Now that is stupid.

All of this is to say I am rarely shocked or even surprised when a prominent liberal says or does something that is just plain stupid. At least I shouldn’t be surprised, but then liberals have a way of outdoing themselves in the dumb and dumber department. Consequently, even though I am inured to the illogic, lack of reason, and aversion to facts that so often characterize liberal thinking, there are still occasions when I find myself asking, “Can liberals really be this stupid?”
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