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With all the news swirling around (see what I did there) in the media this week there was little attention paid to what’s behind the recent drop in Hillary’s numbers. Why, you ask? Because it seems like people are so polarized by male-female (can I still use those terms?) white-black, gay-straight (to name just a few) that we must, at all costs, ignore any and all evidence that just might convict a Dem. The Left is so desperate to hang something on a potential Republican presidential candidate that with some heavy digging they found out a few things:

Scott walker has credit card debt! He could owe as much as a combined $100 thousand to various credit card companies. Walker has given almost $375 thousand of his salary back to taxpayers. He has 2 kids in college, parents who live with him, and can you believe… a mortgage. You would think a rich, white Republican (as they all are) would have paid cash for his house, or at least his car? Nope, he has a car payment.

Let’s sum it all up… He has a mortgage, 2 kids in college, a car payment, parents living with him, major credit card debt, and a net worth of NEGATIVE $72 thousand! That can’t be right. He’s a Republican. Ask any low information voter and they will tell you, all Republicans are rich, old, white guys who hate women!

Scott Walker is the lowest net worth candidate running for president! Bernie Sanders is just above him with a net worth of $330 thousand. Isn’t it interesting that we know so much about Walker’s finance, family, and background in such a short period of time? All of his information was easily accessible.
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