Can Huckabee Win?


Dick Morris recently said, that “Huckabee has more problems than just the Evangelical ghetto.” (Dick’s terminology, not mine.) Meaning that he needs to win the states outside the Bible belt. I agree with Dick’s analysis, but I think there is a deeper issue that no one is addressing. Maybe because those “issues” that I see are invisible in the more educated-circles, because they truly believe that the American public cares about a candidates “message”. I am here to bring the pain to their face.

Dick also said, “If he [Huckabee] could just get his message out.” All you political beltway poll taking people are forgetting who the American voter is! And who they vote for and why! They do NOT vote good character, good morals, an aggressive pro-military American foreign policy, or a belt-tightening domestic policy. Nor do they vote for middle age white guys, unless they are scandal ridden adulterers.

Unfortunately based on the majority of American voters, Huckabee doesn’t stand a snow ball’s chance in Hell. Flat out perception sells, and Huckabee isn’t “cool” (and neither is Romney.) He doesn’t have pictures of him smoking a bong like Obama does, he doesn’t play a sax in sunglasses and he doesn’t possess a bar room swagger. Nor has he been photographed eyeballing some woman’s rear end.

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