What can the government run better than the private sector…besides abject failure?


With the nigh unbelievable power grab the Federal Government is blundering their way through with regards to Obamacare and the dangers to liberty that the notion of forcing people to buy something simply for being alive entail, you would think SOMEONE would have figured out a better way.

I’m not going to say that someone is me, but I did take a little looky loo around and have discovered plenty of ways to improve healthcare in America without gutting individual freedom and enacting a bloated bureacratic nightmare that allows the federal government metaphorically give you a colonoscopy.

The following ideas are so simple that it boggles the mind that ELEVEN THOUSAND pages of regulations were needed for Obamacare.

Here are five simple solutions to improve health care in America that would only require Americans to bend over for their proctologist:

Insurance without borders. Currently we have pigeon holed insurance companies to only sell insurance on a state by state level. This interference in free market capitlaism is why a healthy 25 year old guy in New Jersey spends SIX times as much on health insurance as he would if he lived in Kentucky. Not only would this save money for the buyer but also the competition would make it cheaper for businesses to insure their employees as well. Also, with insurance companies having to compete with business across the country, service goes up while prices go down.

Insurance paid before the taxman. Businesses get to buy insurance with their gross profits before taxes are taken out, individuals should get the same privilege. Of course, the government would get a smaller cut of the pie and I guess since regular people don’t lobby as well as big business they don’t get the benefit therein.

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