The campaign ad liberals don’t want women to see (Video)


by Howard Portnoy

In her latest screed at Salon, the hyperpartisan Joan Walsh addresses a problem among Republicans that she believes “could cost them a chance to take back the Senate” in the midterm elections in six weeks. It is that they still so-don’t-get women.

As Exhibit A, Walsh points to an ad produced by Americans for Shared Prosperity that is, in her view, “so condescending to women it might have been made by Todd Akin.” So what’s in the ad that offends Walsh’s female sensibilities and persuades her that other “real women” will be equally creeped out by it? It features, she tells us,

a lovely, latte-skinned young woman in a pink shirt and pearls is sitting on her white sofa, complaining about a man she met online: “In 2008, I fell in love. His online profile made him seem so perfect. Smart, handsome, charming, articulate.”

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