Call the Press and Obamacare Will Break its Own Rules


by Carly Hill

Cornelius Kelly is a New Yorker who got a letter that his family’s health insurance was being cancelled. He signed up for a new insurance plan, but that one got cancelled as well. So, as a last resort, her tried to sign his family up for Obamacare – only to find that of the fifty-six plans offered to his family, none of them included his 18-month-old daughter. He made several phone calls and was told each time that children under the age of two aren’t covered and that he’d need to purchase a separate plan for her.

He wasn’t happy, so he called the New York Post. Once word got back to the government, Kelly said he recieved a “panicked” call from the New York office that deals with Obamacare pretty much saying “Okay, okay you can have your baby on your plan.”

The government is so determined to make socialized healthcare a success, that they’ll do whatever to avoid bad press. Kelly said that the moral of the story to take from his experience is “Don’t be an average American citizen and expect to get good service.”

Classic case of a law being overrode because somebody made waves.

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