Californians! You’re Insane! It’s Time To Get What You Deserve


Einstein is credited with saying, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” He must have been thinking about California!

Many Californians are pretty proud of themselves for not following the rest of the country with election results. California stayed solid Democrat, even getting a more solid hold of the California legislature. They now have more than enough votes to override a veto, raise taxes, and just have a field day. Like a group of kids left alone in a candy store and told not to touch anything. Sure that’s going to work! Curiously enough, most local elected officials are Republican but the Dems are working on making that nearly impossible too.

So, California Dems, you deserve what you voted for. And Californians, you deserve what you allowed to happen in the state. Elections have consequences. Too bad you have to screw the rest of us because of your inability to do the right thing.

Let’s start with the most recent incident. The rains came. Even though the climate change police and gurus kept saying we were in a drought and that we wouldn’t see that kind of rain maybe ever again. Well guess what? You were wrong! Gov. Brown thought he was sly and smarter than the engineers. After years and years of being told by the Feds and the state engineers that we had dam and water issues, he ignored the needs and the safety of taxpaying Californians and instead made sure that Illegal aliens got to go to our schools, colleges, and take advantages of all kinds of taxpayer-funded programs to the tune of over $25 billion a year!

Governor Brown has made a request for over $100 billion in aid to fix our infrastructure in California. REALLY?! I wouldn’t give him or Californians another nickel until there was a law to ensure that the moneys sent here would be spent for exactly what it was intended. Maybe they need to sign a pledge that if they blow a dime of it on anything else they get immediate 20-year sentences in a North Korean prison.

Better slow down Gov. Moonbeam. That Sanctuary State thing could easily keep you from getting any money. ALL Federal grants require you be in compliance with Federal law and Obama ain’t the sheriff anymore to look the other way.

They are spending so much time fighting Trump on immigration that they have lost sight of reality. They say they don’t need the Feds. So why did they request $100 billion to fix infrastructure when they’ve already collected tax money for it and blown the money?

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