California Values Six Fish More Than 175,000 People


Poor Richard’s News is reporting that the people in control of California’s water polices have decided that 175,000 human beings aren’t even worth six fish. As the article points out, we’re not talking about six species of fish here. We are talking about SIX fish in total.

Essentially, here is what is happening.

“National Marine Fisheries Services (NMFS) only expects 29 out-migrating steelhead a year and that their plan was to release 30,000 acre feet by the end of April to help them reach the Delta.”

So what, you might ask? Well, if you’re asking that, you probably don’t live in California, where I spent 25 years until about five years ago when we decided it was best to pick up our lives, load them into the covered wagon and head east. When we arrived here to Georgia, one of my first stops after settling in was a gun shop (I’ve always hated California’s DOJ approved gun list). While at the gun shop, I mentioned that we had just recently relocated from California. The gentleman behind the counter stuck out his hand and brightly proclaimed, “Welcome to the United States of America!” But I digress…

The problem appears to be that six Steelhead were a bit slow to migrate down to the Delta. In order to help out, so the Bureau of Reclamation ordered South San Joaquin Irrigation District and Oakdale Irrigation District to release some 15,000 acre feet of water to help these six Steelhead make it to the ocean.
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