California to Register Illegals to Vote


California has more eligible voters than any other state and thus the most electoral votes than any other state with 55. Texas is a distant second with 38 electoral votes. There are a total of 538 electoral votes so any presidential candidate that carries California in an election automatically garnishes 25% of the needed electoral votes to secure the White House.

California officials claim that at least a third of eligible voters are not registered to vote and they are set on changing that. Both branches of the California legislature passed bills to allow automatic voter registration starting January 1, 2016. If signed into law, the bills would allow any adult of voting age who obtains or renews a state driver’s license or obtains a state identification card or who fills out a change of address form with the Department of Motor Vehicles to be automatically registered to vote. If someone doesn’t want to be registered to vote, they would have to decline the automatic registration.

The measures were supported by every Democrat in both houses of the state legislature. It’s now up to Gov. Jerry Brown who is a very liberal Democrat and expected to sign the bills into law.

Every Republican in the two state houses is opposed to the bills claiming it would open the doors for massive voter fraud. California has the largest population of illegal aliens and thanks to Barack Obama’s illegal delayed deportation policies, they are all eligible to obtain valid state driver’s licenses. That means that millions of illegals would automatically be registered to vote and most likely will vote.

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