California Leftists Look to Restore Race and Gender Preferences


Now this the time to make a principled stand for equality in California while far-left lawmakers look to unravel one of the healthiest public policy initiatives in recent memory. That would Prop 209, which outlawed preferential policies by amending the California state constitution back in 1996. Prop 209 started a nationwide movement at the state-level that put end to quotas, set asides and other discriminatory measures were used in government hiring and college admissions. Other states that have followed suit include Washington State, Oklahoma, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire and Florida. Americans from across party lines believe it is high time the 14th Amendment’s “equal protection” clause found full expression. Unfortunately, California lawmakers are making every effort to revert back to the discriminatory practices of the past. Diversity is the rationale used to treat people unequally. Look carefully and it becomes evident that diversity is applicable where certain favored constituencies are concerned.

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