Why Does California Hate Prosperity?


by Onan Coca

A company that has to work very hard just to keep up with demand may be forced out of business because the people of California are crybabies. If you haven’t tasted the popular Sriracha sauce, it may get even harder to find if California gets its way. The company that makes the sauce already has a lot of trouble meeting demand, and now that job could become even more difficult.

A Los Angeles County court has ordered the maker of the iconic chili sauce to partially cease operations until it can get the allegedly eye-watering, heartburn-inducing odors its plant produces under control. The city of Irwindale sued Huy Fong Foods after residents living near a major Sriracha plant complained that spicy smells were giving them runny noses, headaches, and in one case, more nosebleeds.

Interestingly the company that produces the Sriracha sauce says that no employee has ever complained about any of these issues – even though they work IN the factory every day. The difficulty is that the chilies that are used to make the sauce must be processed very quickly after they’ve been picked. In fact, they are processed into the Sriracha sauce within a day of being picked! Because of this, they have only a short time in the fall to make the sauce needed for the entire year. A forced shutdown of their plant could wreak havoc on their business in 2013-2014.

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