CA College Students Remove American flag as ‘Offensive’


American veterans who fought and died to protect freedom must be rolling over in their graves. The student government of the University of California at Irvine recently voted to remove the American flag—as well as all other flags—from the lobby of the student government’s building. Before proceeding, let me be clear. I have spent more than 38 years to date years as a college professor. Consequently, I am accustomed to the—what shall I say—occasional stupidity of college students. For college students who essentially know nothing to think they somehow know better than the rest of the world is hardly a new concept. Consequently, I am more patient and forgiving of the misguided actions of college students than most. My attitude toward the stupidity of college students can be summarized in these words: They will sing a different tune once they grow up, leave behind the fantasyland of higher education, and have to live in the real world like normal folks.

But not this time. I find the decision of the student government at UC Irvine not just unacceptable, but downright offensive. I wonder what Matthew Guevara—the student who sponsored the bill to remove the American flag—would say to the grieving families of the seven Marines and eleven Army personnel killed last week in a training accident near Hurlburt Field, a military base in Florida’s panhandle. The coffins of the deceased soldiers and Marines will be draped in the very flag Guevara finds offensive. Their widows or parents will be presented those flags at their funerals. These brave young men died defending that flag.
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