California Bullet train problem! – Justice Kennedy and affirmative action!


Hr1 Wait… which religion worships Santa Claus? Not Christmas!

California Assemblyman Scott Wilk talks about Sacramento’s complete lack of math skills and the CA drought. Instead of capturing the clean water from the source, Democrats in the legislature want to let it run off to the ocean and then desalinate water from the ocean. The problem? It costs 2.5 times as much to desalinate!

1 out of 3 Californians are on MediCal. Unsustainable. Illegal aliens, the Bullet train debacle, and more.

Hr2 Millennials are concerned about ISIS & think we need ground troops… they just don’t want to do the job!

Rachel Dolezal is upset she’s been upstaged by Caitlyn Jenner.

Ole Miss renames Christmas event because it ‘connoted too much Christianity.’

Hillary Clinton: If Americans arm themselves against terrorists, it helps ISIS. #LibLogic.

Actor Kurt Russell: it’s “absolutely insane” to believe more gun control will curb terrorist attacks.

Hr3 Justice Kennedy may be the deciding vote on the future of Affirmative Action case out of Texas.

Writer and radio host Michael Hausam talks Trump, immigration, and Muslims. He says we don’t OWE citizens of other countries entry to US. Protect Americans first! Until we figure out how to keep the bad guys out, be overly cautious. Until recently, he said, it had never crossed his mind to conceal carry. Now it seems like something to consider!

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