CAIR objects to “see something/say something”


Rev. Al Sharpton is being sued for stealing $16k from an Arizona man. If it was anyone else but Sharpton, it might not be so believable.

Hamas-affiliated CAIR objects to “see something/say something” Muslim billboards. What’s wrong with asking peace-loving American Muslims to keep a watchful eye for Muslims who are becoming radicalized? It’s not discrimination or hate. It’s national security to protect ALL Americans.

We need a billboard that says “Do you belong to the party that got rid of God?” or “The Democrat Party. Pro-atheism since 2012.”

Conservatives are more interested in the outdoors and gun ranges. Liberals are more interested in museums, yoga, and crying. This from OKCupid’s analysis of over 200k profiles. 50% of all users from the online dating site are unwilling to date somebody with opposing political views.

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