CA Law Mandates Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers Promote Abortion


California is not only the land of nuts, fruits and flakes, but it has become the bastion for anti-Constitution and anti-American liberal politics. From pushing holidays to honoring gay politicians, to taxing businesses for their carbon emissions, to banning effective reparative sexual identity therapy for minors to their new law to automatically register every illegal alien who obtains a state driver’s license or other form of valid state ID to vote, California has been attacking conservative ways more than any other state.

Now you can add the attack on pro-life pregnancy centers to the list of freedoms they are stripping honest citizens of. Last Friday, liberal Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that mandates that all licensed pregnancy centers inform everyone that visits their centers for help about low-cost or free access to abortion and contraception. The way the law is written, the mandate affects all pro-life and religious based crisis pregnancy centers.

Assembly Bill 775, known as the Reproductive FACT Act, reads in part:

“Existing law, the Reproductive Privacy Act, provides that every individual possesses a fundamental right of privacy with respect to reproductive decisions. Existing law provides that the state shall not deny or interfere with a woman’s right to choose or obtain an abortion prior to viability of the fetus, as defined, or when necessary to protect her life or health. Existing law specifies the circumstances under which the performance of an abortion is deemed unauthorized.”

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