CA Gov. Jerry Brown asks EPA to impose harsher regulations on OTHER states


California Gov. Jerry Brown is joining the heads of four other states in asking the EPA to tighten U.S. smog standards — a regulation that could be the costliest in history. It is a bold move given the that California would be exempt from stricter smog regulations.

In their letter to EPA chief Gina McCarthy, the Democratic governors called the EPA’s current smog, or ozone, standard “inadequate” and that “the health and environmental benefits associated with cleaner air continue to outweigh the costs of achieving those standards.”

The EPA has proposed lowering the current ozone standard from 75 parts per billion to between 70 and 65 parts per billion. The agency has also asked for input on an even lower standard, at 60 parts per million.

Environmentalists have cheered the lower standard, saying it’s necessary to protecting public health. Gov. Brown is among those supportive of lowering the current standard. But of course, Brown’s support leaves out the fact that California would not be affected by more stringent rules.
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